Monday, June 12, 2017

Outer Banks Family Vacay 2017

 Tim and I decided to do Nags Head yet again for the family vacay.  We get out of school so early now (May 25th!) that it's nice to visit a beach town before everyone else gets there!  No lines at the Food Lion or mini golf, wide open beaches, little's wonderful.  I found a great house right on the ocean side so we didn't have to cross the beach road to get to a nice, flat access.  The house is only a couple of years old and even included a hot tub, pool, and elevator!  Very easy living for 7 days :)
We arrived at lunch time on June 3rd and quickly hit the Kill Devil custard & burger place.  After that, we had a couple of hours to kill before check in time.  So we went to Professor Hacker's mini golf.  Emily and Jay surprised us with their skills and Garrett won the game!

First view of the ocean while waiting for check in.  Water was beautiful blue and slightly chilly, but it was easy to get used to it in the hot sun.

 We're bound to get a cold/rainy day or two during our week, so for Wednesday we headed over to the NC Aquarium in Manteo.  I've never been there, so it was neat to see everything!  They also completed a huge remodel and expansion project last year, so there was lots to see.  We got there about an hour after they opened, and it's a good thing we did!  That place filled up fast.  When we left, there were cars parked up and down the highway and the line to get in wrapped around the building!
The kids loved the turtle tanks, shark tanks, touch tank with stingrays, and outdoor play area.

Cold/rainy days were also a time for Garrett and Cammy to sharpen their checker skills!

Caroline's birthday dinner (June 5th) at Goombays!  Fish tacos and key lime pie!

Turtle rescue area in the museum!

"I've saved Squirt and he's ready to release!"

 From this point on, just enjoy a pile of pictures from our week!

The cousins came down from Wed-Sat!  

So proud!  Jason's first catch!  Spadefish

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