Sunday, June 17, 2018

Garrett Graduated! May 19, 2018

 What a miracle--Garrett graduated!  Not that we're surprised--we weren't worried that he was on the line or anything!  :)  In fact, Garrett's diploma has 6 seals on it for different areas of achievement--5 years of a foreign language, community service, career and technical education (teacher cadets), etc.  And he finished KGHS with 20 hours of college in the form of dual enrollment AND his AP exams!  So 2/3s of his freshman year of college is already behind him  :)  
He was kind of all over the map on how he wants to go to college.  He ended up deciding to do the 2+2=4 program through RCC.  He does 60 hours/associate's degree (or in his case, 40 hours) at RCC, then has guaranteed admission to any 4-year university in Virginia (depending on GPA).  Right now, he wants to go to Virginia Tech.  So he would have to finish his time at RCC with a 3.5 to be guaranteed admission.  Lots of hard work, but he's very capable!
The graduation ceremony started at 9 AM, then we came back to the house to get ready for his celebration party.  Jill, Stephanie, and Alexandria came in early to help set up/hang out.  Check out all the fun below  :)

All 300 graduates!

Graduating seniors got to perform with the band for the last time  :(

Super proud of himself!

Look at all of those seals!

Garrett's party!

My centerpieces!  I used A LOT of #2 pencils.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Jason's Graduation!

Jason's graduation fell on May 18th!  He was so excited for us to hear his song "Five Little Fishies" with props and everything!  We enjoyed the cute little ceremony and then had some celebration cake.  Jason took some pics with his best friend Andrew, who will be attending kindergarten at the same school at Jason!  Fingers crossed they get the same teacher  :)  Jason had a truly wonderful time these last 2 years at King George Preschool.  They have definitely prepared him for kindergarten!

Garrett turns 18!

 It was an action-packed week, starting with Garrett's birthday!  He turned 18 on Thursday, May 17!  He likes to point out constantly that he's "an adult now" so we'll see how that pans out when he runs out of clean clothes and needs a place to sleep :)  Camm and Carrie were both in town for Garrett's birthday so we celebrated in high style with a dinner at the steakhouse Fahrenheit 312 in downtown F'Burg.  Then it was back to the house for some cake and ice cream.  Camm brought up a family favorite--almond cake from Sugar Plum Bakery--and it had a cute scuba diver on the side!