Monday, January 15, 2018

Snow Days!

 Well, the Almanac said we would get an early winter with snow in December and January.  So far, it's correct!  We already had 2 snow days in December and also got snow one weekend in December.  Then we returned to school on January 3rd from winter break just in time to get a snowstorm on January 4th!  Kids were out of school for another 4 days from that storm!  We didn't return until the following Wednesday.  Tim suggested we hit up the big hill near the old animal shelter/new park.  Surprisingly, we were the only ones there.  It was an amazing hill!  The kids flew down at lightning speed and even Tim and I took some turns. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas morning 2017

 Christmas didn't start too early for us--the kids were nice enough to sleep in til after 7.  We hit up the stockings first!  Most of them were filled with candy and small toys.  "Santa" gave me a new back window wiper blade for my minivan!  Then we headed to the family room to see the presents that Santa brought us.  Emily received a real guitar and doll Jeep while Jason got a real drum set and a Kindle Fire.  Santa also brought a Lego table for the kids to share.  Garrett got some pj pants and a phone while Caroline got 2 pairs of pjs from Victoria Secret (Santa has good taste!), an eyeshadow palette, and a giant Ferrara Rocher (spelling??).  
Tim and I didn't get anything from Santa.  Either we weren't good this year (probably the case) or it's the fact that we're adults and Christmas is for children (definitely the case).  I got Tim a few small gifts and he got me a pair of Birkenstocks for the winter!!!  I loved my Birkenstock sandals this summer and now I'm so glad to have a pair to wear when it's cold.  This is the first year that I took the little kids out separately and let them do some holiday shopping.  Here is what Emily bought:  green fidget spinner for Garrett, head whisk-looking massager for Caroline, flashlight for Dad.  Jason bought:  "no trespassing" sign for Garrett's door, mug with a wolf for Dad, and 2 beaded bracelets for Caroline.  I had no input on their choices except for the price.  It was great to see what they bought and why they picked it out!  

I wrapped up an old slide phone as a joke for Garrett!  He was slightly amused  :)  In reality, his "big" gift this year was a Samsung 8--bought for him by us, Peggy, and Aunt Carrie.  

Garrett has the real phone in hand!  And everyone else started the opening process  :)

A $4 Pokemon handbook was Jason's favorite gift.

Caroline received a pile of YA books, makeup, clothes, candy, gift cards, and even a case of Ramen noodles!!!

Christmas Eve 2017

 Our Christmas festivities began on Dec. 19th when the kids and I had a half day of school and officially started our winter break!  We spent the next 3 days wrapping presents, making Christmas cookies, and enjoying some general relaxing.  Cammy arrived on Saturday and we all managed to make it to Peggy's house on Christmas Eve for our traditional dinner.  Camm hasn't been in the USA for Christmas since before Jason was born, so she had the chance to meet Mary and John's kids and to see Peggy and Joe again.  Somehow all the cousins were coordinated in red, black, and white!  Completely unplanned but we looked soooo good for pics  :)

Let's start opening Christmas presents!