Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Road Trip: Katy, TX

 For Spring Break, the older kids and I decided to go visit Carrie and family.  With plane tickets costing about $535 each, I wasn't thrilled about spending that much dough to get there.  So the kids agreed to help me with a 23 hour road trip!  By help me, I mean eat enormous amounts of food from gas stations and play on their phones while I sang along to the radio.  We left Monday after Easter at 5 AM.  For our first day of driving, we made it through VA, NC, SC, GA, AL, and finally stopped in Biloxi, MS for the night.  Then the next day, we did the last 8 hours through MS, LA, and finally, TX.  
What about Tim, Emily, and Jason?  They basically moved in with Peggy and Joe and hung out for the week  :)  Tim did help his dad clean out a few sheds and Peggy got all the grandma time she could handle!
Our first taste of real Mexican food!  Jen found Ninfa's on Navigation which Pinteresting Houston hot spots.

Houston has all kinds of awesome photo ops, so we had some fun playing tourist for the afternoon after lunch.  

These giant Beatles statues are inside a brewery.  So we stopped for a couple beers and hung out on the patio.  The weather was amazing!

Blue bonnets are the state flower and they are EVERYWHERE!  We randomly stopped on the side of the highway and found the perfect field!

Double trouble in action!  :)  And that's just part of the visit!  The rest of our week needs its own post!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Easter Time!

 We enjoyed our usual Easter visit to Peggy and Joe's house this year.  I was getting ready to leave with the older kids for a week and it was nice to let someone else do all the cooking and egg hiding!  Mary and John were also there with their 3 kids.  Emily had some Joey snuggle time and loved it!  A real live baby doll  :)  At 6 months old and 21 pounds, this kid is no lightweight!

 Peggy hid 12 eggs with coins in them and the kids were off like a rocket to find them!  They each ended up with around $1.50.  Once the eggs were empty, they took turns hiding the empty eggs for each other to find again...and again...and again...

 Timmy was helping his dad clear out one of his sheds and Jason stumbled upon one of Timmy's old childhood toys.  He was happy to spend about an hour playing with this robot on the stoop.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Springtime Snow Day!

 Well, who woulda thunk it?  The day after spring starts, we get a snow storm predicted to drop 5-8 inches on us.  Turns out it was a little less than that--we probably got around 4 inches.  But no complaints here!  No school today and just got the call for no school tomorrow too!  Here are some pics of us enjoying our snow day!  We had some fun in the yard first, then headed over to our favorite sledding hill near the Shiloh Park.

This was around 9 AM.  It kept snowing til around 6 PM!

That's a face of glee right there!

And where is Garrett you ask?  Tucked in peacefully at home, napping and playing on his phone  :)  He had the option to join us and declined.  Don't worry--we've got another snow day to force happy family fun on him!  Tomorrow will be endless Connect 4 tournaments and Lego time, all with big brutha Garrett by our side!