Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Homecoming 2017!

 Big surprise, Garrett decided to ditch HoCo this year.  I wanted him to go (senior year, last chance and all) but he said "It's expensive, no fun, my friends aren't going, and Abby's going out of town that weekend."  So he was out but Caroline was IN!  She and her friend Bella along with Bella's brother Giancarlo and friend Melanie headed to HoCo as a friend group.  Caroline and Bella got each other corsages for fun and we took some pics over at Bella's house.  Then Bella's mom fed everyone, drove them to the dance, and Caroline had a sleepover to spare me the dreaded midnight pick up call.  Sounds like they had a great time!

Yes, Caroline is really that tall now.  And Bella really is that short.

Caroline, Bella, Giancarlo, and Melanie

The "serious" pose

Back to "fun poses"!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Who's the New VIP?

My friend Carrie N. asked me if I've seen any gaudy giant wedding portraits yet in the background of the students' houses.  I hadn't....until today!  My first gaudy wedding portrait sighting!
 The title of this post refers to a new job that I started July 1st but have been keeping under wraps :)  My friend Carrie from school is an 8th grade English teacher by day and ESL instructor to children in China by night.  She told me all about this company VIPKids that she works for and how she teaches short, 25-minute long classes to children over in China via the internet.  It's a total English immersion class, so no Chinese from the teachers!  The Power Point lessons are created by the company;  as a teacher, you simply load the PPT, teach the lesson using props and LOTS of gestures, and then leave feedback for the parents.  
I quickly applied, went through the interview process, negotiated a salary, and started booking classes.  The booking part takes a while--most teachers increase their available hours for empty summer days and it takes time to get parents to select a new hire.  It took 2 weeks to get my first booking, and I've slowly worked up to about 15 bookings a week.  It's a little more difficult right now to get more bookings because the students have returned to school.  With China being 12 hours ahead of us, my open evenings of 9 - 11 PM are the times they are in school (9-11 AM).  So my weekends are a little more booked than weekdays.  
By the way, if anyone reads this post and think this sounds like a gravy job (it kinda is!), you can use my referral code and I get a bonus when you're hired!  I'll also guide you through the whole process step by step.  Win-win for both of us!  MY REFERRAL CODE:  03F24U
Also, yes, I'm still the librarian at KGMS.  This second job has not impacted my first one at all.  I just schedule classes in my free time.  Honestly, as the librarian, I don't attend parent meetings or bring home grading.  So why not make some extra dough?  $$$
An adorable girl I taught a few weeks ago.  The baby doll was a prop--the little girls LOVE the baby doll!  Thank goodness that Emily is generous with her babies.

My schedule this past week.  You can click which class times you are available.  As many or as few as you want!  You can also click a "24 hour" button that allows parents to book you less than 24 hours before a class.  It comes with an extra $2 per class!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

1st day of school!

I started back to school on August 7, and the kids all came back the following Monday!  Emily is in 1st grade now(!).  We had orientation during my work week, so I was able to take her up to school to meet her new teacher.  Her teacher, Mrs. Parker, is the most enthusiastic and energetic woman I have ever met!  Her room is decorated to the nines (seriously, "wild west" them everywhere) and so organized and fun!  Mrs. Parker had cookies made for us and had cowboy hats, bandanas, and sheriff badges for each child.  We also brought home our own copy of the "The Night Before 1st Grade" book and a baggie of "jitter glitter" to sprinkle under Emily's pillow so that she isn't nervous for her first day!  
Jason is in the Pre-K program over at KGPS and was shocked to find out that he would have to attend school all five days of the week!  His program last year was just 4 days (Fridays off) but I told Jason to get ready for the real world :)  Garrett and Caroline weren't very excited for the first day because they have been back at school for the last three weeks with marching band.  So after putting in 40+ hours a week with marching band, it wasn't any big deal to just show up for classes.  Caroline is excited to take Art as an elective for the first time, and Garrett is taking the Teacher Cadet program (and hopes to do his student teaching with his fave World History teacher Mr. Shank).